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The SolarWorld Group is among the top trio of the solar power industry worldwide. The group is dedicated exclusively to the core business of solar energy, combining all stages of the solar value chain, from the raw material silicon to the production of solar modules.

The company operates production facilities in Germany, Sweden and the USA. In California the largest production site in the USA for solar modules and in Oregon the largest production site in the USA for solar wafers and cells are being created. In Freiberg in Saxony the group operates one of the worlds most advanced integrated solar production facilities.

Among the currently most important sales markets are Germany, the USA and in the rest of Europe especially Spain. Sales offices in Germany, Spain, California, South Africa and Singapore service the international solar markets. In addition to on-grid solar power products the group increasingly distributes rural solar power solutions internationally that can make an important contribution to the sustainable economic development of rural regions.

After the IPO at the end of 1999, the company developed within a few years into one of the largest fully integrated solar technology groups. At the end of the third quarter of 2007 some 1,969 people were working for the group. At the stock exchange SolarWorld AG is listed among others in the technology index TecDAX, in the Öko-DAX, in the Dow Jones STOXX 600, in the international MSCI Index as well as in the sustainability indices DAXglobal Alternative Energy and NAI.

Over and above this SolarWorld AG is getting involved at the social policy level in order to push ahead the principle of sustainability and to sharpen public awareness of resource and climate protection. Moreover, SolarWorld is involved at the sociopolitical level in order to further the sustainability notion and raise awareness for climate and resources protection.


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